4k streaming video lightflow

Now, Brightcove users can take full advantage of LightFlow’s improved streaming video and a bitrate reduction up to 40%. LightFlow seamlessly integrates within existing Brightcove CMS.

All it takes to integrate the LightFlow Stream Optimization with Brightcove is a one-time quick set up to frictionless embed into the whole workflow. As a result, LightFlow takes on the task of analyzing and registering video assets in Brightcove workflow on the fly, so they are immediately available.   Integrating LightFlow with Brightcove is straight forward.  The only requirement is setting up Brightcove as a publishing system into LightFlow dashboard with a wizard menu. After that, LightFlow will analyze video asset from customer’s repository and will govern Brightcove Zencoder’s encoding tasks. Additionally, LightFlow will publish the new video asset in the CMS. The whole encoding workflow will remain intact. Through this integration, LightFlow benefits are included into the Brightcove workflow, so publishers can stream their videos with higher perceptual quality and bitrate savings of up to 40%.