4k streaming video lightflow

Thanks to the H.265 and VP9 support, LightFlow provides further cost efficiencies to enable 4K business models.

Viewers are becoming very exigent about the quality of the content they watch, regardless of the way they consume it. Producing content in 4K is an expensive task, but once this is done, it makes sense to seize that content and distribute and commercialize it through as many channels as possible.

When it comes to distribution over Internet, 4K streaming (2160 vertical pixels) requires 4 times the bandwidth as of HD (1080p). Therefore, if no optimizations are performed, 4K distribution is 4 times more expensive than HD, hindering business models.

LightFlow Engine optimizes the video streaming providing assets ~40% lighter. Furthermore, the neuronal network now includes H.265 and VP9 codecs, providing an additional 45% bitrate savings. As a result, LightFlow allows to publish 4K content with just a paltry 10-15% overhead from HD, enabling publishers to embark in profitable business models.