AWS CloudFront is now supported by LightFlow Multi-CDN feature. DRM content protection capabilities have been extended, adding support for Irdeto and EzDRM providers.

On the Multi-CDN side, LightFlow, which was already fully integrated with Akamai and Fastly, has now added AWS’s content delivery service (CloudFront). With all these three choices, LightFlow’s Multi-CDN functionality is capable of deliverying optimized streams to any part of the globe. A further enhancement is that LightFlow Multi-CDN module can be used through APIs or by DNS re-direction.

Regarding DRM support, LightFlow is now integrated with EzDRM and Irdeto providers, supporting their full range of protection modules: Widevine, Fairplay and PlayReady. This makes content protection more effective.
These two enhancements: DRM and Multi-CDN, make LightFlow easy to integrate into any existing workflows.