Aiming to extend the scope of the workflow that can be optimized, Epic Labs unveiled two new features available in LightFlow that will help companies to manage their video workflows more efficiently.  

The multi-CDN feature, announced on April 2019 at NAB in Las Vegas, is now operational. The multi-CDN helps customers to optimize the delivery of video content. Companies can model their business rules and combine them with real time CDN performance, using both criteria to determine the optimal CDN in each case to improve viewers’ quality of experience and reduce costs. With this information LightFlow balances video delivery whether you are looking to improve the quality of the experience or become more cost effective. All in real time.  

DRM functionality allows customers to integrate their chosen DRM supplier to protect content copyright and avoid piracy and undesired distribution content, ultimately protecting customer investment is content rights. In the first release, LightFlow supports DRM suppliers Irdeto (link) and EZDRM (link). 

With these two new functionalities, LightFlow by Epic Labs handles the complete content preparation workflow: encoding, packaging and copyright protection.