Epic Labs’ LightFlow video optimizer is among the first Hublets for SRTHub to enable intelligent OTT workflows

Epic Labs, the software innovation center specialized in media workflow, announced today that LightFlow, the AI-based video optimization suite, has been selected by Haivision among the Hublets included in the first release of SRTHub, unveiled at NAB show.

SRTHub is a cloud-based service for routing low-latency, secure and reliable media for broadcast contribution, production, and distribution workflows. SRTHub can automatically route media into and out of third-party broadcast systems through the use of connectors called Hublets to extend the platform’s capabilities. The Epic Labs Hublet helps broadcasters seamlessly sync their SRTHub workflow to LightFlow for intelligent OTT publishing.

LightFlow is a solution that leverages AI to detect the type of content and the playback conditions to adapt every parameter in real time, so the costs associated with delivery are reduced while the visual quality is improved. The technology also enables OTTs to publish live content in low latency, with end-to-end latency of 3 seconds.

“We are proud to be part of the Haivision SRTHub ecosystem, and to showcase it in our first presence at the NAB Show,” said Miguel Serrano, Vice President of Sales, Epic Labs. “Through self-provisioning, the LightFlow Hublet will help OTTs to achieve their business drivers, be it a low latency model, a cost reduction, an increase of quality of experience or a combination of them.”


“The SRTHub ecosystem is growing quickly to enable flexible cloud workflows for broadcasters on Microsoft Azure,” said Peter Maag, Chief Marketing Officer, Haivision. “LightFlow’s value is in optimizing streams for OTT and SRTHub is a very easy-to-use system to efficiently and quickly get streams to that cloud-based platform.”