the codec diversity

Jul 29, 2019

The proliferation of video consumer devices, including STBs, smart TVs and handheld devices has produced a large diversity of software and formats…

Artificial Intelligence Media Technology

Jun 24, 2019

LightFlow by Epic Labs is a machine learning engine focused on optimizing OTTs workflows by improving QoE (quality of experience) while reducing cost, depending…

What can Artificial Intelligence do for your video?

Mar 4, 2019

So, we all agree that data, just data by itself, is just a way to spend money in storage. Even basic analytics are an insufficient approach, since you miss the great opportunity of actioning the data.

Analytics vs Actionable analytics – A real A.I. approach to video

Feb 21, 2019

Publishing a video over the Internet is a complex process in which many different components…

LightFlow Quality Index

Oct 12, 2018

Year after year, distributed video over the internet is increasing dramatically. We can see how OTT platforms are growing their share in a ramp-up without limits, in contrast to the most traditional television channels of the broadcast environment. However…

The Epic Labs IBC 2018 Experience

Take a look at this video-summary

Oct 4, 2018

Take a look at this video-summary about Epic Labs showcasing its streaming optimizer LightFlow at IBC 2018