Your 4K business model enabler

LightFlow enables your business model by drastically reducing the amount of information needed to deliver 4K video and by increasing audience reachability

Higher resolution, heavier content

A smart codec choice

Video in 4K requires, by definition, 4 times more information –and cost– than video in HD. LightFlow 4K selects the appropriate codec (H.264, H.265 and VP9) for each type of content and for each device to optimize bitrate and deliverability. The result: efficiency savings of ~45%.

Not all videos are created equal

Applying Machine Learning to individually optimize the encoding

Each video is unique, with its own signature of motion, color, level of detail and variation of the them all LightFlow 4K Engine analyzes video assets and applies individual encoding optimization for each one. The result: additional efficiency savings of ~40%.


By combining the codec choice and video optimization, LightFlow obtains 4K videos containing 4 times the quality of an HD one with just ~1.3 times the size –and cost!– of the HD file.

Users Experience

The resulting video streaming optimized by LightFlow 4K is notably lighter. It turns into shorter start up times and less rebuffering events, increasing the viewers’ Quality of Experience.


With lighter video streams, 4K content will reach more users that otherwise would be hindered by conditions of limited bandwidth, shared domestic network or Wi-Fi maximum bitrate.