Cost and Quality Optimization for Better Video Experience from SD to 4K


Whether you are in the business of Premium Video Subscription, publishing free video content based on ads or even leveraging your media asset catalogue online, LightFlow can help you to increase your audience engagement while reducing the Total Cost of Ownership

What is LightFlow?

LightFlow is a video platform that leverages the use of perceptual video quality metrics and machine learning algorithms to individually optimize the quality of each of your videos at the most effective bitrate. LightFlow can be easily integrated in any existing media publishing workflow.

How does LightFlow work?

LQI (LightFLow Quality Index): A metric for video quality

LightFlow uses a proprietary Machine Learning to make smart analysis of video content (per title or per scene), giving as result the best Quality-Bitrate performance. LightFlow introduces the concept of LQI, a video quality metric which represents how good the human visual system perceives a specific video content at different bitrates and resolutions.

LightFlow enhances viewers experience and increases user engagement, while reducing your CDN (delivery and storage)and transcoding costs around 30-40% in average.

Cognitive Services

LightFlow is not just about video quality. Taking advantage of machine learning and the LightFlow Engine, the platform provides access to contextual cognitive services such as face recognition, content moderation or taxonomy classifier.

Easy and Quick

API Integration

LightFlow API enables a fast and easy integration with your video workflow.

This is an easy-to-use set of APIs that lets you focus on what is really important for your business. A few simple and guided steps is all you need to integrate your media workflow with LightFlow.

Improving the Workflow Speed

When time to market matters, Fast Encoding makes a difference

LightFlow includes a module for parallel video processing. When time to market is key, using the LightFlow UltraFast Encoder allows you to analyze and transcode every video faster than the length of the video itself.

Modular and flexible architecture

Pick your components. Choose your deployment

LightFlow is a platform that can be deployed both In The Cloud or On Premises. With a modular architecture, each component can be independently selected and integrated seamlessly with the existing video workflow